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The must chosen department in 2017 examination

“The Series of 2017 Must Read to Choose the Department Before Being a Freshman” The Pharmacy rise and the Accounting Spring. Departments set up Their Separatist Regimes. The Emplyability leads the Future Tendency.


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According to the Asian Higher Education Survey published by Readers' Digest in recent years, Taiwanese parents have increasing attached importance to the child's “graduation employment”, which is no longer confined to the fame of “university reputation” in the past, and also approaching pragmatic on choosing departments. Among these departments, which is the most popular with the students, is exactly the Accounting Department, which carry off the high growth rate by 91 quotas in 2017.


According to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education recently announced the “2017 standardization of freshmen 's enrollment quota allocation table”. The data shows that individual application to allocate the top 10 high school field, still wins by the “Business Administration”. Its' 2,588 enrollment quotas take possession of 4.62% in the field of 117 departments.


According to many information, many students still can not clearly grasp their personal aptitude when facing college departments. Therefore, they tend to choose the department of Business Administration, which is famous for it's “generalist and easy employment”, to explore the future. Besides, according to the Ministry of Education the latest number of tudents statistics, the department of Business Administration is also the department which has the most girls study in it. “Engineering Group” and “Information Group” which are always popular in the past commly occupy the half of the quota in the top10.The most critical reason resulting such situation is related to the prospects and the stability of the employment.In addition,the field of English also become exclusive driven by internationalization, and it is the mainstream department that develop foreign language aptitude for students.


Department of Leisure and Recreation is not as popular as before, admissions of Department of Information reduce, and the crisis of low fertility emerge.


According to a survey of higher education in Asia announced by Reader's Digest recently, parents in Taiwan value their children's employability after graduation gradually instead of remaining within the limits of the halo of universities'reputation, and they become more and more realistic when choosing department. The most popular department with students is exactly the Department of Accounting, which ranks the first due to the growth range of 91 people in 2017 academic year. On the other hand, the Department of Pharmacy, which also becomes popular with students recently due to the practicability and the consideration of employment, ranks the second by inceasing admissions with the growth range of 88 people. As long as acquiring the

pharmacist license, a commecing salary is at least NT$ 36,000 dollars, which is considerable.


The related department of food and beverage and tourism had already sprang up like mushroom as the Taiwan's tourism was booming in the recent year.According to the excessive expansion phenomenon, Ministry of Education had already taken action to control such situation.The main reason is eager to stablize the quality of each school department instead of only establishing department for solving the situation.

Although Information management and Information engineering still stably occupy the top 10 field, many people are still swallowed under the effect of the reduction of children resulting information department becoming the second largist victim on the negative growth list.

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