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Questionnaire tracing the graduating alumni on 100 school year to 104 school year.

Dear alumni:

Dear alumni:

  Chung Chang University is very concerned about your current situation and sincerely invite you to connect Chung Chang alumni database(http://goo.gl/RUPwuz)to ... your profile and fill the questionnaire. You just need to spend a few minutes on filling the questionnaire and then your feedback will be the important reference for the improvement of course and make Chung Chang University better! To thanks for your filling, we will host a lottery to give presents. We sincerely invite you to fill the questionnaire online!



  After connecting Chung Chang alumni database, please ... contact information, employment information and fill the questionnaire. Please feel assured that we will keep the content safe according to Personal Data Protection Law.

Please fill the questionnaire before August.

1. Connect https://gssdata.iiiedu.org.tw/Login/College and check phone interview alumni list of 100 school year and 104 school year to determine the total number of people filling the questionnaire. ( Please choose the phone interview to login, the ID number is the e-mail, and the password is the extension number. )

2. Check the phone interview alumni list in the alumni database, and check if you have ...d within one year to make the phone interview on August 1 easy. ( The ID number and the password is the one of the automation of the administration. )

(Login link of each department: http://mis.cc.ccu.edu.tw/alumni/dept_admin/login.php)

3. Please inform alumni to login the alumni database to ... information, fill school questionnaire and Ministry of Education questionnaire by sending e-mail or text message. The department who will do phone interview by yourself, please train the phone representative how to do this job first.

 (Database login link for alumni: http://goo.gl/RUPwuz )


1. If the alumni had leave our school before, please use the password modified then.

2. If the alumni have never login, please use the password of Student Academic System or birthday (ex: 19920101).

3. If you forget the password, you can use the function of password lost, and an e-mail will send to which you keep in the alumni database.

If you have any questions, welcome you to send email to our department: admjoan@ccu.edu.twdeptact@ccu.edu.tw , or call our department : Mrs. Fang-Hua Sun or Mrs. Yi-Wun Syu (05-2720411 ext. 2450224503).

Thanks for your support and help !

Best wishes,

National Chung Cheng University