A Brief Overview of the Department

Welcome to the CCU Department of Accounting and Information Technology, part of a major research-based university widely recognized as a rapidly emerging educational institution in Taiwan. The department emphasizes the integration of accounting practice and information technology management. Recognizing the need in the industry for professional training in both accounting information technology and law, we aim to educate students with a special set of integrated curricula.

There are five degree programs offered in this department.
1. Bachelors Program in Accounting, Department of Accounting and Information Technology
2. MBA Program in Accounting, Department of Accounting and Information Technology
3. EMBA Program in Accounting, Department of Accounting and Information Technology
4. PhD Program in Accounting, Department of Accounting and Information Technology 
5. Master of Science Program in Accounting and Law

Learning Environment

- Campus Environment
CCU is located in the central part of Chiayi county, overlooked by the scenic Alishan mountain range. The campus encompasses an open area of land consisting of 132 hectares on a hill with more than 200000 species of trees that was the location for the filming of the drama, Meteorite Garden. The buildings of the seven colleges are interposed in a park-like campus.

- Student Services
Accommodation is guaranteed for all Year 1 students at an affordable rate. Students will also be able to have their meals at an affordable price in food centers located within the school.

- Campus Facilities
Facilities include a golf driving range, a gymnasium featuring an olympic-sized indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a roller-skating rink, bowling alleys, and indoor courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton. In addition, there are rooms dedicated to Judo, calisthenics and weight-lifting, as well as a fitness centre. The library houses more than 500,000 books, 10,000 periodicals and more than 500,000 microfilms, microfiches and CD-ROMS.

- Classrooms
Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology designed to aid lecturers. All classrooms are also equipped with audio and video facilities and wireless Internet connections in order to promote e-learning. These features are designed to allow active interaction between students and teachers, serving as an effective venue for the exchange of ideas and intellectual discourse.

- Computer Laboratory
Supporting facilities include a computer lab that allows students to process their work using high-performance computers connected to the Internet via a wireless connection and installed with the latest software, such as the Watch Dog system. The computer lab also supports the Computer Audit Association of South Taiwan with the ACL system and e-auditing processes.

- Accounting and Information Technology Excellence Centre
Taking into consideration ever-improving technology and an increasingly computerized society, the department set up this excellence centre to serve as a knowledge vault for students to work from for research purposes.

- Student Affairs Office
This office focuses on the planning of various sports and student events. Students will be able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities as part of their university life.

Feature Laboratory

Students will be able to make use of the special features laboratory options listed below:

E-Audit Lab
Enterprise Resource Planning Lab
Strategic Cost Management Lab
Performance Management Lab
Intellectual Capital Lab
Financial Markets Lab
Business Intelligence Lab
International Financial Accounting Lab
Accounting Information Lab

International lecture series and overseas Immersion programs

Students will be able to participate in overseas attachment programs with partner institutions such as The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Miami University and California State University. The department will also organize up to 20 lectures helmed by international lecturers, industry leaders and renowned scholars. This will expose students to global perspectives and enable them to receive a broad-based education.

Future prospects for Graduates

1. Enterprise Senior Accounting and Information Technology managerial position. Related job scopes includes:
- Enterprise internal financial audits
- Cost audits
- Management audits
- Filing of firms taxes
- Budget allocation
- Accounting and Information Technology related responsibilities

2. Civil servant: Deals with Government audits

3. Careers in the education sector specializing in Accounting and Information Technology

4. Higher education:
- Accounting and Information Technology Research Institutes
- Business Administration and Management Research Institutes

5. Professional Accreditation Programs that ensure professionalism
- Accountant
- Internal Auditor
- Computer Auditor
- Consultant in Information Security Management
- Management Accountant gr
- Financial Analyst
- Public Sector Accreditation: accountant, auditors, information technology consultants .

6. Recruitment by four major accounting firms, with employment prospects near 100%.

Department of Accounting and Information Technology, National Chung Cheng University
168, University Rd., Min-Hsiung, Chia-Yi 621 Taiwan, R.O.C.
TelˇG(05)272-0411#24501~3 FaxˇG(05)2721197 E-mail:deptact@ccu.edu.tw