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2017/8/2 PwC Challenge Day -Camp event invitatio
2017/8/2 106 school year first semester senior students registration instructions
2017/8/2 106 school year master and doctoral hostel application notice
2017/8/2 105 school year graduation party
2017/8/2 The video of 105 school year graduation party (Part I)
2017/8/2 The video of 105 school year graduation party (Part II)
2017/8/2 [Congratulations] The doctoral alumnus Hong JiaSheng, promoted Department of Business Administration, Nanhua University.
2017/8/2 Industry collaborate with school on aiming at big trend (Part II) Will the Accounting Audit Industry disappear? Digital audit talent super sought-after​
2017/8/1 The must chosen department in 2017 examination
2017/8/1 World magazine special report "The student of AIT department had already becomed extinguished auditor and been booked by many large enterprises before they graduated from Chung Ching University
2017/8/1 [Congratulations] National Chung Cheng University School of Management pass AACSB International Business Certification!
2017/8/1 This is an interview with Mr Wong Pak-yan, who is receiving an interview with the "Two-Point / Aerial School Unit" in the radio station.
2017/8/1 2017 National Institute of Intelligent Electronics and Capital Application Innovation Creative Competition
2017/7/26 [Congratulations] The the doctoral alumni Lu Yu Xin , promoted Fengjia University Department of Accounting Department
2017/7/26 【Announcement】 Hon Hai subsidiary company wanted audit commissioner, welcomed the school alumni enthusiastically apply.