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The notice from the AIT chairman

Dear classmate:

  First of all,I have to congratulate each one of you passed through the examination,and successfully become the fresh man of Chung Ching University,and wholeheartedly welcome you to join the AIT family.

  I believe the reason why you join this department which has a tough but promising future is because of your excellent grades and hard work.

  I believe that you will cultivate every aspect of ability and become the extinguished man needed by the society during the period of studing.

Chung Ching University Accounting and Information technology is the first

department combining accounting and information technology in Taiwan.

  The professional expertiser specializing in both accounting and information fields is the trend of the future employment in this era of digitalization and electronic.

The AIT of Chung Ching University had already been aware of such trend long ago and transformed the traditional accounting department into the accounting and information of department in the 2004.

The teacher in our department have excellent expertise of accounting and information and deep understanding of the international situation.Some teachers had already studtyed abroad(United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada),and the others are the excellent teacher in Taiwan.They will provide every aspect pf knowledge with their profession.AIT is the first department importing theACL system in our nation and is also the location of the southern district club of ACL.Our senior students had already acquired excellent results in the competition of ACL many times,as a result, the students in our departmnt will be mainly recruited by the general auditing department and computer auditing department in the four major accounting firm.You are very lucky to choose this department because you will get well opportunity of job after graduation.

  The department of AIT is a warm family.If you have faced any problem on you learning and activity,you can acquire the help from the senior students,your teacher, department of colleagues,and me.Each one of person in our department will enthusiastically provide service for everyone.

Wish everyone:

Good health and well academic performance


National Chung Cheng University Accounting and Information technology chairman,Huang Shaoyan