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Lab and computer classroom which is exclusive to the researcher.

4 European graduater dormitory,6 ten-floor university dormitory

Tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball courts, golf courses, swimming pools, gyms and so on

The latest film, video and TV is available to students.

There are electric screens and internet outlets in the classrooms and research rooms in our department at present.

261 classroom is professional computer classroom.

263 classroom has 20 internet points.

266 classrooms, 271 classrooms have 30 internet points.

Master class study room has 30 network points, and master's class lounge has 5 network points

As long as you want connect to internet with your laptop or PC,you can immediately solve the need of teacher and students.

268 special room lounge, 265 meeting room, 362,363,364,365,366,368,369,370,374,376,378,380 laboratory has completed the establishment of wireless regional network

There are 16 sets of notebook computers, 13 sets of single-lens LCD projectors, 4 sets of color inkjet printers, 44 sets of personal computers, 21 sets of laser printers, and a set of audio-visual equipment such as video recorder and video p... which can be provided at any time.

161 lecture hall

162 university classroom

163 university classroom

164 university classroom

261 professional computer classrooms

266 class classrooms

268 special class lounge

271 class classrooms

265 meeting rooms


Having rich accounting-related periodicals and books and our own library.

Our department spend large amount of money on purchasing academin books for providing teacher and students the access of reading.

Have a complete CD database for students to retrieve journal information

Research database, including:TEJ,PACAP,Compustat database, I / B / E / S (Institutional Brokers' Estimate System) database and CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) database.


Expensive equipment

Including IBM Rational Rose, ACL Network Software, Oracle ERP system, the new workflow ERP system, and so on