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   Master Program of Accounting, National Chung Cheng University was founded in 1993, undergraduate program was approved in 1997, and the first EMBA program of accounting and informaton technology in Taiwan was founded in the cooperation with Department of Information Management in 1999. The name was changed to Department of Accounting Information Technology and Ph.D. program was founded in 2005. The Department keeps encouraging and leading students to broaden their horizons and acquire knowledge in different field. In addition, the Department cultivates students the ability of responsibility, learning, growth and to meet an emergency, and builds up the training of the ability of writing, expression and communication.

Teaching Features

   The Department hopes to cultivate versatile accounting specialists, and get rid of old accounting courses to meet the trend and the need of enterprises. Therefore, the teaching features are as below.

●The aim of the Department is to cultivate accounting specialists who have the ability of double skills (accounting and information). Therefore, the training of the second field is valued in the courses of the Department. For example, the curriculums are combined with Electronic Commerce Program in designing.

●The courses of undergraduate program have features below.

(1)   Double skills : The students are not only required to have professional knowledge, but also to have the second skills of information management.

(2)   International Outlook

(3)   Operation and Information of Financial Markets

(4)   The Ability of Dealing with the Challenge and Flexibility

●The courses of Master Program have features below.

(1) Features : Have th Ability of Accounting and Information Technology
(2) Courses :  

a. Students with the background in accounting : The cultivation of the ability of information technology is valued.

b. Students with the background in information technology : The training of the accounting and management is valued.

(3) Teaching : Teamwork is the major method of our teaching and research. There are students have background in management or engineering in each team. Due to the difference on their background and experience, this method motivates students to exchange their experience and thought on learning.

●The courses of PH.D. Program have features below.

(1) Students having background in accounting, information, or business are approved. If they intend to teach accounting, we will train them to have accounting skills and technique of information technology

(2) To build up students' abilities of integrating accounting into information technology. 
(3) Doing projects or research is the main training method.

Our Mission


To cultivate accounting specialists who have international outlook and combine accounting and information technology.


Our Goal

The aim of the Department is to cultivate specialists who have double skills of accounting and information technology, to meet the change in industry, economy and information technology.

Our goal respectively subdivided into the item mentioned below depends on the attributes of bachelor classes, master classes, and doctor classes :

Educational goals of bachelor classes:Cultivating the accounting professionals under information technology era.
Educational goals of master classesCultivating the high-level professionals equipped with the skill of both accounting and information technology.
Educational goals of doctor classesCultivating the teaching and research talent possessing the profession of accounting,information or both of accounting and information.

The employment and training of graduates in the future:

1. Enterprise accountantThe accountant egage in financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, tax, budget and accounting information systems in the enterprise.

2. Government accountant:The accountant egage in business accounting, audit work in the government.
3. Accounting education work:Engaging in the cultivation of accounting professionals teaching work.
4. Main areas of study:Institute of accounting,and、The Institute of Business or Management.
5. Certificate of relevant professional license:Accountants, internal auditors, computer auditors, information security administrators, management accountants, financial analysts,、Civil Service Level 3 Senior Examination and relevant certificates at nation or abroad.
6. The most popular departmentThe big four accounting firm come to our department for recruiting personally from October to November. Students 100% employment without worries.

All Previous AIT Chairmen

82.08.01  Director, Chen Mingdao

84.08.01  Director, Fang Zhiqiang

87.02.01  Agent for Chairman(Established in 1998), He Yongqing

87.08.01  Ou Jinshi

90.08.01  Jin Chenglong

92.08.01  Agent for Chairman, Ou Jinshi

93.02.05  Director, Huang Shiming

98.02.01  Agent for Director, Li Jialing

98.05.18  Director, Li Jialing

101.08.01  Director, Zhang Shuoyi

Important Deeds


1993The graduate institute established.
The department of university established.
Accounting and Information Technology in –service master program 

Renamed: the Department of Accounting and Information Technology.
Computer Auditing Association Southern Division is established in this

Our university (Center for E-Manufacturing and E-Commerce) sign a

contract with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Ph.D Program established
Conduct the first International Symposium of Accounting and  

   Information Technology.
The first overseas visit for American University of Miami.
 Appointed international scholar, professor Yan Jizhong, of the

 Department of distinguished professor. 
Cross-Strait Communication Forum of Accounting.
Sign a contract with American business, Oracle Corporation.
The second overseas visit for American University of Miami.
Sign a contract about “ Joint Dual-Degree” with American University

of California.
The third overseas visit for American University of Miami.
Conduct the second International Symposium of Accounting and  

 Information Technology.
Cross-Strait Communication Forum of Accounting.
The fourth overseas visit for American University of Miami.
Conduct the third International Symposium of Accounting and  

 Information Technology.
Sign a contract about “exchange student” with American University of

Carry out the self-evaluation of our department.
Professor Hart Will, an emeritus professor at the University of

Victoria, Canada, visited our department for extending our

students'international horizon.
2nd alumini association and activity of alumini coming back department
European overseas visit
Hosting the excellent accounting campus and inviting Dr. Wim A Van  

der Stede,an accounting professor at London School of Economics and


2009.08→ 2 master classes "exchange students" to the University of Miami

Coordinating our department

Cultivating the professional simutaneously equipped with accounting knowledge and information technology.Due to the development of information technology, the computerized information system has accelerated the pace of computerizationLacking the accounting knowledge, information technology professionals sometimes design a computerized accounting system which doesn't match the needs of financial accounting.However,the accounting professional lack the training of enough information and system and result in the implementation of computerizing accounting and financial system.As a result, , it is highly desirable to have both accounting knowledge and information technology professionals for the practice.

Our department's goal is to train such kind of profession for assiting,private enterprises and government agencies, enhancing the quality of human resources,and accelerating accounting, finance, and management system computerization, improving business performance.


In order to cultivate the professional simultaneously equipped with accounting and information technology,we will recruit 15 students equipped with accounting or related areas of management background and 15 students equipped with information or related fields of science and engineering.
  Aside from the core compulsory course, the students who having the accounting background will be emphasized on the cultivation of information technology, and the students who having the information technology background will be emphasized on the training of accounting and management. The class will use the way of teamwork on the basis of teaching and research. Each group member will have students with managing and engineering background simultaneously. Through the interaction between different academic backgrounds and working experience students, they can facilitate the exchange of practical experience and learning experiences.

Our Accounting and Information Technology in –service master program is based on good teachers, equipments, books and research to cultivate both talent in accounting and IT skills and providing a consulting method for the business sector as the main direction of development. In terms of talent cultivation, we hope can absorb the people who have existing work experience and the ability to continue to study, so that students of this class can combine theory and practice. In terms of business consulting, through the teaching of students with working experience, teachers will be better understand the status and needs of the business section.


The courses of the Department focus on the professional knowledge of accounting and information management, such as Operational Control and Management, Enterprise Integration and Management, Accounting Information System and Management, Online Business and Management, Information Technology Law, Information Resources Management, Information Technology Management, Strategic Cost Management, Management Control System, and Internal Audit and Control, to train the specialist who have accounting and information management skills and the enterprises need.

In research, the areas of research of teachers in Department of Information Management contain the professional issues such as Group Support System, Decision Support System, Strategic Information System, Information Technology Management and Information Economics. In addition, Internet and Electronic Commerce are two issues that are the centre of attention. The areas of research of teachers in Department of Accounting are such as Accounting Information System, Computer Audit, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Strategic Cost Management, Capital Market, Financial Management, Financial Planning and Control, Tax, Audit and Behavioral Accounting. Among these fields, Cost Management, Computerization of Accounting Information System and Enterprise Resource Planning is the focus of the research in the future.

We hopes to integrate the training of accounting with information technology, to cultivate the students who have accounting and IT skills.

Award A Degree

Chinese Name :
English Name : Master of Accounting and Information Technology